Dope Brands: Leroy’s Place

^^"East vs. West" Earrings Stud Earrings: $30

^^Glamazon Necklace: $34.00

^^"The Purple One" Earrings: $30

^^"Glam Rock" Stud Earrings: $30.00

I ran into the Leroy’s Place booth at Artists and Fleas a couple of months ago and instantly fell in love. The pieces are fun, and playful- which is something I am very much about when it comes to my wardrobe.  I bought a “Biggie” necklace and quickly found out that I cannot go anywhere without recieving a ton of compliments. 

Leroy’s Place has an Etsy shop so definitely go check it out. They’re always working on stuff so if you don’t see anything that flicks your bean, keep checking back in. And the designer, Serene is also at Artists and Fleas in Williamsburg every Sunday if you’re in the area! Enjoy!


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