Shouting at the Screen had been on hiatus but like a Thriller zombie, it’s been resurrected for Halloween (and beyond) at a new location and with the help of the good folks at
Okayplayer Presents: Shouting at the Screen
Thursday, October 31st (returning 11/07/13 and every 1st Thursday)
Indie Screen, 289 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11211
Doors: 8:00 PM
Halloween After Party with DJ Tara, $5 entry or free with screening ticket
Tickets: $10/$5 entry at the door after 10:30pm

We’re back. Come laugh and then dance, in that order.

Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey When You Believe Live HQ (by ArchiducDeBelgrade)


Exhale (Shoop, Shoop)’ (by GingerSpice414)

Guys… I just..I can’t stop…



My buddy Spencer’s acting reel is phenomenal.

I wish Spencer lived with me.

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"Just answering some q’s on a Friday night!"

xoxoxo cutiez!


Hi guys! 

A Note About Last Night:

Last night it was so surreal and exciting to see J.O. host the show last night. Apparently a temporary host used to happen a lot more in the good ole’ days but I’ve never seen it- I was probably off farting somewhere in my parents’ house while listening to “The Writings on the Wall”.

Anyway, the air last night at work was excited and nervous, but also like excited and nervous, but still excited and stuff. I mean, I knew Oliver could do it, but I didn’t know exactly what to expect. And he ended up being awesome and charming and sarcastic and silly and very very British. And watching someone who I REALLY look up to step up and fill in for another guy who left a VERY big role to fill was fucking inspiring. Like, on some Oprah-vision board shit. 

And I hate to sound cheesy but whatever I’m 23 and I have a severe vitamin D deficiency so I get emotional easily but doing that second act where we all razzed the shit out of J.O. felt right and was very very fun. It felt a lot like all of us were pulling together. And I don’t live by my family anymore so yesterday I got a pretty wicked case of the “feelies”.

Here’s to a great summer, my nerdz!